Coronavirus homeopathic treatment

Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (WN-CoV) Homeopathic Treatment

I cannot imagine how hard it is for people to find reliable information on homeopathic treatment for coronavirus. I have been following different blogs and Facebook posts for people who I believe are good homeopaths, and others who are just like parrots copying whatever other homeopaths are saying.

I am not the one to judge, however, sometimes it’s obvious that what people say is trash. Don’t worry though, it’s not all bad news, at the end of this post you will find some “relatively” useful information. But before that, I want to highlight a post that people are circulating around and explain why it makes no sense (at least to me). There are many examples but not all are worth wasting my time on.

This one is for a well-known Indian homeopathic “masters”. I do respect many of his opinions, but I can’t disagree more on his latest post:

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Farokh Master’s claims he found the right remedy for WN-CoV

Justica Adhatoda is a great remedy, and from what I read, it covers many of the symptoms caused by a Wuhan Coronavirus Infection, like cough, coryza, shortness of breath, sneezing and acute catarrhal conditions of respiratory tract. A few things, however, make me wonder about the post by Farokh Master:

  1. An influential person like him advising people to use this remedy will look like a cure, especially that it is very early stages and there was not enough information on the illness to decide one remedy so quickly. Its already been shared 191 times (so far), and who knows how many people actually read it and consider it the cure.
  2. The potency of such remedy seems odd. Many sources (like William BOERICKE’s Materia Medica) advises that “Severe aggravation has been noticed from lower potencies.” These sources advise a minimum potency of 3C which contains much less of the substance than 3X. Additionally, 10 drops of that daily will cause even more aggravation than the usual dosage.
  3. Claiming that increasing the IgE levels will help fight the virus is poorly thought. It is now known that people infected with this virus are short of breath and might have a problem with their lungs. As I mentioned in a previous post, advanced complications of this infection are pneumonia, bronchitis and asthmatic coughs. Increasing the IgE will only trigger an allergic reaction by being antigenic. These allergic reactions can lead to asthma and more respiratory complications eventually might lead to death. So this should be avoided in this case, at any cost.

We are still waiting for Farokh Master to answer our questions, but he seems busy at the moment. I will update this post as soon as we get answers.

What makes the situation worse, are people who are copying his post as their own. Of course, they have trouble justifying the remedy and potency because they didn’t think before they post. The following is an example:

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People copying posts with little knowledge

It’s a copy+paste of Farokh Master’s post, but no real answer to the worries about this potency and how this remedy was selected:

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Questions with no satisfying answers.

Anyhow, let’s move to the good part. Thanks to Paola Brown and her contacts, we have an update from Prof. Aaron To and homeopaths who are in China and are treating actual patients. That said, according to the feedback from around 30 homeopaths in the past 14-21 days, the top three remedies are:

  1. Gelsemium (Cough is interestingly not that common… in fact, the main presenting complaint is fatigue, heavy eyelid)
  2. Bryonia (for patients with more cough with pain in chest or head, need holding it)
  3. Eupatorium perfoliatum (When a patient has that sort of pain in their bones, but less of that overall heaviness)

For prevention, they reported:

  1. Gelsemium 30c once a week in areas which outbreak is not near.
  2. Gelsemium 30c daily for seven days in an area where the outbreak is near (like Wuhan and some other crowded cities in Wuhan), and then twice per week.

Paul Herscu from the USA published his Genus Epidemicus findings:

  1. Gelsemium, followed by
  2. Mercurius and then
  3. Eupatorium perfoliatum.

Note that both have similar findings. Let’s not forget that homeopathy is not to prescribe a remedy for the disease, instead, it’s for the patient’s individual picture. What works for you will not always work with others.

More repertorisation will be done now that we know more about the symptoms. Good luck and let’s hope this pandemic will not be as bad as the media is predicting.

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3 responses to “Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (WN-CoV) Homeopathic Treatment”

  1. Shel avatar

    Ayush ministry for health, Government of India recommends Ars Alb 30 one dose 3 days , repeat if epidemic prolonged.

    There is a web page where they have repretoried remedies very clearly, which I m sorry that I am not able to find now.

    One universal symptom in the diseased and in the public right now is the grand or super grand symptom of “Fear of death”, for Ars Alb. Anyone really, really, and really familiar with Ars alb will know where this symptom stands with Ars alb.

    Also even though there is a lot of criticism on AYUSH by the pharmaceutical and the western system of medicine in India regarding this advisory, India is one place where homeopathy is popular and whether people use homeopathy quite a lot. And if figures are what speak India, though with its great population situation, is still under control. Public places in India till last week were super packed . . . parks, buses, trains, airports, cinemas wherever people could go. .. . .

    So please don’t take homeopathy lightly. . . if figures r what speak

    Ayush links -2 the second link down here was from the page that reretoried the remedies
    . If I get it I will post it here


  2. trix grooff avatar
    trix grooff

    I think that we also should take into consideration how a country reacts on the virus. For instance Italy is afraid the enemy is everywhere, so a strong indication for mercurius. In the Netherlands people are hamstering, so fear of poverty

  3. Irmgard Rose Parys avatar
    Irmgard Rose Parys

    very good, I treated a young man with problems to respirate, pain in chest
    worse when respirated deep and ameliorated by drinking warm liquids.
    No holding chest, nearly no cough so Spongia C30 helped him, after a not so comfortable night, very fast – Dr. Ina Parys

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