Track the Wuhan Coronavirus Worldwide

Live Wuhan Coronavirus Updates

I would like to share with you a brilliant tool by Johns Hopkins University that allows you to see live coronavirus updates. See the latest figures below:

The data used in creating this tool is collected from different credible sources such as the World Health Organisation, the United States Center for Disease Control, the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control, the Chinese Center for Disease Prevention and Control and Chinese National Health Comission. The dashboard is intended to provide the public with an understanding of the outbreak situation as it unfolds, with transparent data sources.

If you’re interested in the RAW data, you please follow this link:

For the latest homeopathic treatment of the coronavirus, influenza read this post.

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One response to “Live Wuhan Coronavirus Updates”

  1. Manish Somani avatar
    Manish Somani

    The medicine which not only covers the symptoms of respiratory tract infection but also covers the symptoms of Gastrointestinal tract infection is the medicine for corona virus. Arsenic album is one of them but cuprum metalicum and ipecac may be useful according to symptoms. It is well known fact that copper is very useful to fight against viruses and homeopathic remedy from copper is cuprum metalicum.
    If the combination of tuberculinum+Influenzinum+gelsemium+antimtart+arsenic/ipecac/cuprum may be very useful to fight against corona virus ?

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