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  • India Recommends Homeopathic Remedies to fight Coronavirus

    India Recommends Homeopathic Remedies to fight Coronavirus

    As many homeopaths and other alternative medicine practitioners claim they have found (or they know) the right remedies/medicines to fight the Wuhan coronavirus, only those who have tried these remedies on actual Wuhan coronavirus patients can be certain. In our post “Coronavirus Homeopathic Treatment” you will find what Chinese homeopaths’ experience and homeopathic remedies recommendation […]

  • Live Wuhan Coronavirus Updates

    Live Wuhan Coronavirus Updates

    I would like to share with you a brilliant tool by Johns Hopkins University that allows you to see live coronavirus updates. See the latest figures below: The data used in creating this tool is collected from different credible sources such as the World Health Organisation, the United States Center for Disease Control, the European […]

  • Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (WN-CoV) Homeopathic Treatment

    Wuhan Novel Coronavirus (WN-CoV) Homeopathic Treatment

    I cannot imagine how hard it is for people to find reliable information on homeopathic treatment for coronavirus. I have been following different blogs and Facebook posts for people who I believe are good homeopaths, and others who are just like parrots copying whatever other homeopaths are saying. I am not the one to judge, […]

  • Coronavirus homeopathic care

    Coronavirus homeopathic care

    A person who has the common coronavirus can display a mild to moderate illnesses, like the common cold. Unlike the common cold, however, coronavirus complications can result in the patient having pneumonia or bronchitis. Background The latest mutation of the virus is now called Wuhan novel coronavirus (WN-CoV). Like the other coronaviruses, it can cause […]

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